You may have noticed that we have not posted new puppy pictures for several years.  Our stud dog Cujo had to be put to sleep the summer of 2014 at the ripe old age of eleven.  Our female Heidi was nine when she had to be put down in June of 2015, so we are now dogless.  We have wonderful memories of terrific dogs and their adorable puppies.  Breeding Saint Bernards was an adventure–lots of work, but very rewarding.  We miss those days, but we love to look back at pictures.  Hope you enjoy the pictures too!  Here is Daniel enjoying his two dogs in the summer of 2014.


Keep reading if you want to see pictures of Heidi and Cujo’s last litter, born in the spring of 2010.

Heidi waiting for the pups to be born

Heidi and pups, 2 days old

This same litter at 6 weeks of age

Our most recent litter of puppies arrived on April 15, 2010.  All of them have now gone to their new homes, and we are very pleased with their new families! You can ask to be put on our waiting list for the next litter by going to the “Contact Us” page.  You can find further information on the page entitled “About Puppy Sales.” The following is a birth order listing of the puppies with their photos below:

Lincoln (male)

Taylor (female)

Reagan (female)

Madison (female)

Garfield (male)

LINCOLN (male)

Lincoln, 1 week

Lincoln, 2 weeks

Lincoln, 3 weeks

Lincoln, 4 weeks

Lincoln, 5 weeks

Lincoln, 6 weeks

Lincoln (7 weeks) with his new family

TAYLOR (female)

Taylor, 1 week

Taylor, 2 weeks

Taylor, 3 weeks

Taylor, 4 weeks

Taylor, 5 weeks

Taylor, 6 weeks

Taylor (7 weeks) with her new family

Taylor, 12 weeks old

REAGAN (female)

Reagan, 1 week

Reagan, 2 weeks

Reagan, 3 weeks

Reagan, 4 weeks

Reagan, 5 weeks

Reagan, 6 weeks

Reagan (7 weeks) with her new family

MADISON (female)

Madison, 1 week

Madison, 2 weeks

Madison, 3 weeks

Madison, 4 weeks

Madison, 5 weeks

Madison, 6 weeks

Madison (7 weeks) with her new family

Madison at 3 months old


Garfield, 1 week

Garfield, 2 weeks

Garfield, 3 weeks

Garfield, 4 weeks

Garfield, 5 weeks

Garfield, 6 weeks

Garfield, 6 weeks, with his daddy

Garfield, 7 weeks

Garfield (7 weeks) with his new family


Our family breeds Saint Bernards as a small home business for our boys to save money for college.  We chose this breed because Saints are irresistible and have so much love to give.  Our goal is to provide families with the same love and pleasure that our dogs have given to us!  Pictured above is our family and our first litter of pups at 8 weeks of age.  These puppies are from the same parent dogs (pictured below) as our new litter.

To see past litters from the same parents, go to “March 2008” and “April 2009” under “Puppies from Past Litters.”