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big happy family

our big happy family, spring 2008


39 responses to “Contact us

  1. My husband and I would love to get some more information on Winston. We live
    in MD and are interesting in welcoming a male saint bernard into our family. If
    Winston is still available could you please contact me.

    Thank you in advance. I read many wonderful reviews on your weblog.

    Paige Walton

  2. T.J.

    I just seen your new litter and was wondering if I could be put on the waiting list to buy a puppy. I’d really like to have Marshall or Ike, I have been looking for a St. Bernard for years now. Please let me know. Please contact me through my email. Thank you.

  3. glenn flores

    any male avalible long hair

  4. Rossana Botelho

    I have a 7 year old St Bernard at this time and looking to get another. Ruby, Granite and Ivory are beautiful, could you tell me if any of them are still available please.
    Thank you
    Rossana Botelho

  5. Samantha Joslyn

    HI!!! My name is Sam Joslyn and I was raised with Saints. We moved into Basset Hounds, but I am shopping for another Saint. I saw your puppies and fell in love. We live is Southern NJ near Vineland. I was wondering if you have any females left available and if so who (I have alread looked at all of their pictures) and if it would be possible to come see them? I can’t wait to hear back from you! I will follow up this message with a call tomarow.

  6. William

    Could you please send me more info on what is left from the litter. We are only interested in a male St. Bernard

    Thank You

  7. cathy

    Are you expecting any litters? Let me know. Thanks. Cathy

    • saintsandaints

      Thanks for asking, Cathy! Our female Heidi should be coming into heat this month. If all goes as hoped, she will have a litter in March with puppies ready for their new homes in May. We can contact you when puppies arrive if you would like. Let us know!

  8. Stacey Boord

    Hi Sue,Your new puppies are soooo cute.Thank you so much for our Clara she is the joy of my life.Stacey Boord

    • saintsandaints

      Thanks for letting us know that you and Clara are doing well together. We are so happy that you are giving her such a good, loving home. Keep in touch and send pics when you can!

  9. Cynthia

    Hello. I am very interested in a puppy. I am looking for a female with a half mask like Jasper out of your September 2009 litter. He has such beautiful markings. Could you please contact me when one that fits that description arrives. Thanks so much.

    • saintsandaints

      We can certainly do that! I’ll send you pictures in a few weeks and you can see what you think. No promises about another Jasper looking puppy. He was the only half masked pup out of 30 from the past three litters. But you are right–he is beautiful and very unusual in his markings.

  10. I just wanted to let everyone know that we absolutely love our guy Patton, now Jethro that we purchased from Sue! He is not only an extremely handsome looking Saint, but his temperment and personality are awesome! He’s one year old now and weighed in a few weeks ago at 134lbs! I would highly recommend anyone buying a pup from them! In fact……….we’re looking to get Jethro a playmate from this April litter…… will be a full brother and he’ll love having a brother that wants to play with him. The other 9 dogs we have (1 of those is also a Saint) will appreciate the distraction too!

    • saintsandaints

      You have an amazing doggie family! Thanks for the good care and loving attention you give to Patton (Jethro). Seeing our puppies go to such good homes is the most rewarding part of this “business,” and we would love for you to have another one of our puppies. It won’t be long till they arrive!

  11. Sharon Smith

    We are interested in 2 puppies and would like to know which ones are available.
    Thank You,

    • saintsandaints


      Thanks for your inquiry! Two females are still available–Taylor and McKinley. Are you local to Delaware that you could come see them? Thanks!

  12. Sharon Smith

    We are very interested in Taylor & McKinley. We live in Pa. but we would gladly drive down to see them. If possible could you e-mail us some more pictures of them.
    Thank You,

  13. Roseanne

    Hi I was wondering if you still have puppys available and if so do you have any males. plse contact me i would love to see them and purchase one thank you roseanne

    • saintsandaints

      Thanks for contacting us! All of the puppies from this litter have deposits on them. If you want, we could put you on our waiting list for next litter, or we could contact you if someone cancels. Let us know, and we’d be happy to keep in touch with you. Take care!

      • Jim

        I am interested in a puppy from your new litter if someone cancels please let me know.

        Thank you

      • saintsandaints

        We will let you know if someone cancels. If no one does, do you want to be added to our waiting list for our next litter, which we expect to be in the fall?

  14. Chris Bendel

    Hey Sue…….just wanted to update you. Jethro is now 16 months old and weighs in at 144.4 lbs. He is the sweetest boy and such a lover. He just wants to lay his head in your lap all the time or in Rich’s case he wants to lay across Rich’s lap. I swear he knows that he was Rich’s Father’s day gift last year! Anyway……..I would totally recommend a dog from your Heidi and Cujo…….the looks, temperment and personality that they pass onto their pups is perfection!

    • Susan

      Thanks so much, Chris–it’s great to hear from you! We are so happy that Jethro (Patton) is doing so well and is so loved and well cared for. The best reward from breeding Saints is hearing comments like yours. So glad your “puppy” brings so much pleasure to your family.

  15. Stacey

    Hi Susan,
    I would love another female saint. Our Clara is the love of the family and we truly believe you are the best breeder ever.. Please let us know when you have another female available to add to our family.

    • saintsandaints

      Thanks so much! We are so glad to hear that Clara is doing so well. You’ll have to email us some pictures! We will be sure to let you know when the next litter is due.

  16. roseanne

    hi good morning, im not sure if you remember speaking with me, my family is very interested in a beautiful saint puppy, im not sure when you are going to breed but we would love to own a saint again. iam in sicklerville new jersey very close to your old home town. plse contact me when we can leave a deposit on a pup.
    thanks have a great day
    roseanne avellino

  17. Susan

    Thanks for your inquiry, Roseanne. We will let you know when we have another litter!

  18. Stacey

    Just curious to find out, how mant weeks do it take to find out if the pup will be a rough or smooth coat saint?

    • saintsandaints

      Usually by four weeks old you can begin to tell rough or smooth coat. Keep in mind, if both parents are rough coat (long hair), all the pups will be rough coat. If the parents are both smooth coat (short hair) or one is smooth and one is rough, the pups could be either one. If you are looking at all the pups in a litter at four weeks, the ones with fluffier, longer hair are likely to be rough coats.

  19. Stacey

    Thankyou so much for that. 🙂

  20. Samantha Joslyn

    Hi all! I wanted to let you know that Tabby (Topaz) had her 1st litter of puppies and all are doing really well. They are now 2 wks old and getting big and beautiful. You would be so proud of how wonderful she has turned out and how good of a Mommy she is. You provided me with the best dog I have had in my life and she is truly a blessing. She is my best friend and I love her with all my heart. Thank you so much and have a very blessed day!

    • saintsandaints

      Thank you so much, Samantha. I’ll be looking forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful litter! I appreciate you for keeping in touch!

  21. Samantha Joslyn

    Hello! I just wanted to pop on an give you an update on Tabby (Topaz) and her wonderful little family. I currently have a house full of Saints (7) and they fill my heart and life with so much joy and love. I have Tabby, her hubby Thumper, and 5 of the pups from her 1st and only litter. Of the pups, 1 is already a certified CGC and has started working on his AKC Rally title. Once he finishes his title, we are working with the rest of the rest of the pups. I also wanted to mention that the one puppy Dyson looks just like Cujo. I hope everyone is well and from our family to yours have a very Happy Holiday Season.

  22. Wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for the update, Samantha. I am so pleased that your Saints are doing well. I’d love to see pictures again. Send some to me some time! By the way, Cujo is now 10 years old, Heidi is 7, and both are as sturdy and healthy as ever. Take care, and Merry Christmas!

  23. Shana West

    Interested. Saw as on delawaresuperads. Please contact me at 302-542-5268

    • saintsandaints

      Shana, thank you for your interest in our Saint Bernard puppies. I’m sad to say that we have no litters now. I will keep your contact information in case we do have another litter in the future.

  24. James Ahern

    I’m looking to get another St. Bernard
    We ve recently fostered one for a rather kin time and now that they are back with owners. (situation now allowed it to happen long story we happy to help)
    This dog returning has left a big hole in the family .
    We re looking to welcome another St. Into our home permanently.
    I d like to be put on your mailing list and or wait list please let me know and procedure or Infor i d need and you would need to make this happen is a Dep required ?
    My cell is 7188137747
    Jim Ahern

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