Therapy Dogs

Saint Bernards make great therapy dogs, offering love and comfort to those in hospitals and nursing homes.  Seven week old puppies really are not old enough to be therapy dogs, but we gave several of our puppies the opportunity to share love with the residents of a nearby rest home in May 2009.  The residents loved the visit, and the puppies loved the attention!

IMG_0333 (Small)

IMG_0335 (Small)

IMG_0336 (Small)

IMG_0338 (Small)

IMG_0340 (Small)

IMG_0342 (Small)

IMG_0343 (Small)

IMG_0344 (Small)

IMG_0348 (Small)

IMG_0350 (Small)

IMG_0355 (Small)

IMG_0356 (Small)

With such great success the first time, we decided to take several puppies from Ace’s September 2009 litter to a different nursing home.  These pups were met with equal enthusiasm and were a real blessing to the residents.  We were sure the puppies enjoyed the attention just as much as the elderly enjoyed giving it!

Ebony, therapy dog (1)

Granite, therapy dog (1)

Granite, therapy dog (2)

Granite, therapy dog (4)

Jasper, therapy dog (2)

Ruby, therapy dog (3)

Slate, therapy dog (3)

Slate, therapy dog (1)

It’s now part of the routine–our seven week old puppies go visiting!  We took our May 2010 litter to two different nursing homes on two different days.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!